We are an American Nutrition Association registered practice. Our plans are individualized and uniquely based on YOU – We assess and advise based on your likes, dislikes, allergies, environment and attitude. We focus on preventive care and addressing the root issue. We believe most illnesses occur when there is a toxic imbalance in the body. But we also believe illnesses are reversible. FOOD HEALS – Let us show you how to holistically become plant powered and peace inspired.images-8

What we offer 

Meal Plan – We provide detailed, health conscious meal planning. This Plan includes five customized meals for seven days or one month.

Seasonal Allergies got you down? Try our seven day allergy buster meal plan!

Family Meal Plan – We customize one month’s worth of healthy and functional meal plans created for the whole family. This plan was developed for busy parents and children.

Holistic Program – This three month program includes weekly meal planning, a weekly health coaching session and herbal/dietary supplements deemed necessary. This plan is structured to motivate you to better understand healthy eating and total body consciousness. (Fitness sessions coming soon)

Service Fees

Performance Plan – This nutrition plan is specifically designed for athletes, body builders and fitness competitors. Inquire within.

Grocery List - Let us plan out your grocery list! We’ll even order your food and have it delivered to you – Skip the lines and impulse buying! You pay $50 + the cost of food. Services may be limited. 

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